Wednesday, June 13, 2007


OK this will be the last Image Im uploading before we finish the whole series, the 3d team is doing a perfect job here with the cartoon, again this is a 2d/3d cartoon series.
they guys working with us are from europe and their doing a great job overseas, I was scared at first from the distance cause you know I'm in the middle east, but they rocked HARD.

rock on


euroarabe said...

from one jordanian to another: I LOVE your work. Amazing.


Amer Kokh said...

thanks my friend, glad you did

amjad mahfouz said...

great art work ... as usual
keep on rocking

SimSim said...

so we will start seeing good arabic cartoons ?! I mean kids will :P

good job :)

karimq said...

Hi amer this is Karim From Syria - Damascus

i wanted to leave you my New Blogspot

And keep going with your Art

Amer Kokh said...

simsim thanks dear, and yeah I hope you will :) actually the one Im showing now ain't for kids it's more like teen/mature stuff as for the other one about CATS yes it will be a one minute per episode for kids.
And Karim Im gonna call you today bro