Sunday, August 24, 2008

new series coming this september

This sha3biyat al-cartoon season3

it's going to be aired on SAMA DUBAI channel for the whole september month ( ramadan)

30 episodes each 12 minutes.

hope you digs.


Angela said...

Great stuff I really enjoyed looking through the images. Nice to meet you, you are very talented!

miss 3awashi thani said...

oh man, i'm starting to really love this show (i'm watching it more than freej, which has gotten boring) it's really funnyeven though the animations is so limited, the jokes are halarios.
so do you like design the characters or what?

Crazy Piranha said...

thanks guys :)
Im so glad that you liked the episodes, actually yes the animation was a little limited, the next season it will be full framed animation that's a promise.
we at did everything except for the script and voice acting, I made the drawings key frame background art and did the directing. each year we expand the amount of animation quality, we still didn't use even half of hour people at crazy piranha for this project,, you know budgeting issues but I think for now we gave it it's due.
Freej is a cool series but I wont compare Sha3biyah with it cause we're a totally different field of styles.
rock on

Moath said...

Hey guys, many many congrats on this amazing show, and congrats on the feature on gulfnews, you guys deserve it,

and needless to say, while freej defintley had a headstart before, it's been working on the same formula without developing any of their characters or plots...

I must say however this season is much richer in content, but I'm not so sure about the 3D backgrounds, they don't fit very nicely with the 2D characters, last season's were much nicer,

even same goes to music, where last season seemed edgier than this season's...

Anyways keep up the goodwork guys and I wish you the best of luck,


Moath said...


the very subtle references to street fighter and michael jackson are really cool ;)

rock on

Amer Kokh said...

Hey Moath
REALLY appreciate your comment and I promise you next year we will do our best to make it SO much better, I have already started developing the new style, we're doing HD quality now and the character with the background will be more composed together in a good way.
Thanks again for the great comment and I hope to hear your feedback from time to time.

miss 3awashi thani said...

i can't wait ^^ !
ramadan is along time from now :(
you should totaly post some behind the scenes art work one day, i love that sort of stuff
moath's right about the 3d backgrounds and music, but i'm probably biased against 3d because i took a course X( , i'm not sure if you guys do the music, but none of season 3 managed to beat the "its raining men" moment in al nsaa f8d in season 2 XDD
also i'm not sure about the colored outlines this season it makes shombeh's face very difficult to see when he's like in the desert y'know yellow on yellow
sorry, i'm being annoying i just love cartoons so much.
T_T it's so sad all the art work is done in jordan and i'm in dubai, i would've loved to work there TT_TT

Yezin said...

Hey Amer,

The animation is pretty awesome but the story line blows. I guess you guys are trying to target a really unsophisticated audience but you're promoting a lot of seriously messed up ideas in there. And don't forget that your shows are airing in Ramadan, so there's gotta be some kind of sensitivity to that eh?

- once again, the animations rock but its all rather disconnected, there's no consistent theme/unique-ness to it. Freej does a better job at that (such that when you look at the set, you immediately identify it with the show.)
- the characters are really flat (i don't mean in shape) meaning that they don't have any sort of depth that makes them interesting, they just crack cheezy jokes, talk a whole lot, and whack one another
- also, you're playing on a lot of stereotypes that really cause a rift in the community, I mean the large black Emirati girl who marches about knocking over anyone in her path, I think that's a bit unfair, you know...stereotypes stick

I understand this show is just for fun, but that shouldn't mean that it be dumb. I really look forward to seeing this show develop and start getting a bit smarter in its narrative. Cheers,


Stop saying Rock dont know when to use it, so..."rock on!" said...

I was recently forwarded the shows clips on YouTube by a friend of mine. What I have to say is quite simple. The shows graphics are great, but obviously, as everyone should know this is mainly taken care of by a reputable European company, to that I say good job on finding them more over and getting them to sign the contract.
The content of the show however is a different story. Knowing a bit about you, someone would expect that a 29 year old Middle Eastern, particularly a Jordanian male would have more life experiences to take about and shed light over. Making fun of each other, displaying inappropriate behavior and playing on these stereotypes that have been encouraged by the west is just so un cool. Maybe because I’ve lived in the west all my life, you’ll say I can’t relate, but I rest assure you that even my friends find little appreciation in your show. Instead of being critical of your show, I’ll lend you a helping hand.
I understand that even though you are quite mature in age, you may not be in intellectually; more over I understand that your forte is in artistic illustrations, so you may need this feedback more then you think.
1) The characters are really dull, they all so similar. It is a common practice that to gain the maximum number of audience you have a wide range of characters, the wise one, and the nice on etc…
2) Creating rifts among Arabs is unsustainable. It’s funny the first time, then the second time it shows how hollow the show really is. Creating a character that ‘represents’ khaliji woman in this unfair way is really low. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with certain people, but this remains an inaccurate representation and it’s frankly not funny, it just says a lot about you.
3) Give characters a meaning in what they’re doing, not for half the segment there sitting down in the living room discussing gibberish. Make them go on meaning full adventures, where they learn, inquire and discover new things. Educate the little audience you have, don’t dumb them down. They don’t deserve this.
4) Where’s your staff? If you have staff to deal with culture and sociological issues then know that they need to pick up the pace here. If you’re depending on yourself to deal with these issues, please recruit some help. It’s a far bigger issue then you’re capable of imagining.
Good luck with everything. Hopefully you’ll find a lot of success with this, and I’m looking forward to the development of this show, and the growth of the characters, and well as you. And great animation by the way!

Amer kokh said...

Hey guys, sorry I just saw your feedbacks LOL
answering your questions:
no we're not a euoropian company, we're all located in jordan and Im doing the whole drawing in the series.
for the animation yeah we can do so much better but I am limited with the budget, actually Im doing extra more than what $$$ I have.
I'm not the one who writes stories actually, I just revamp some Ideas the writers do, and the producers limits us with the stories from the point they know better of emirates culture than I do :)
and Kudos I really appreciate your time writing this but why does ROCK ON hurt your feeling LOL
anyways I really appreciate you guys writing down and I promise you I will do my best for this season to make it so much better And I hope to have your feedbacks for the upcoming season
thanks a lot

Moey said...

Is it out on dvds?

Anonymous said...

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